A surfboard from 8 to 12 feet, though it can go bigger. Easy to catch waves on, though waves over 9 feet it gets a bit nasty.

Easy to paddle, too.
I got a 9'0 longgy, pretty easy to paddle.
by Dylan Hamilton April 04, 2005
A board that you ride down hills and get fucking hurt on it all the fucking time
That longboard just fucking killed me
by xXbrocode44Xx February 19, 2015
a long dick.
Jessica rode Mr. Bell's long board hard and fast while in detention.

Jessica: WOOO.
Mr. Bell: HARDER.
by EMMMMMMA. January 17, 2010
its when someone that can't skateboard gets on a longer skateboard and tries to skateboard. its also for hipsters
dude you longboard? you must be a hipster!
by shadowx March 02, 2014
surfboard longer than 8 feet. Able to ride smaller waves and get in more surfing.
Look at those shortboarders sitting on the sand! Glad i have a longboard.
by andrew March 04, 2004
the nickname for my boyfriends/any guy who skates or surfs penis
chris: wanna ride my longboard?

me: shut up
by laurner March 28, 2009
The commercial industry's cop-out for the skateboard. They mused, "How are we going to get kids to keep wasting their money on plywood on wheels?" Apparently, there is a bigger market for dumb-asses who can't ride bikes than there is for dumb-asses who want to hurt themselves.
A: "Did you see that guy Longboarding?"
B: "Yeah, how lame..."
by DeeNos October 14, 2010

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