One of the most misunderstood areas of our nation. Settled in 1638, the island consists of 4 counties, Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Brooklyn and Queens are Boroughs of New York City and are therefore not generally considered part of Long Island.
If you are "dissing" Long Island and you are from Long Island, you are most likely from Nassau County, a stale, bizarre, and overdeveloped area full of strip malls and busy highways. It is the quintessential Long Island stereotype and unfortunately gives the rest of Long Island a bad name. If youre "dissing" Long Island and are not from Long Island, youre probably a young person from the midwest now living a hip lifestyle in New York City. You have never really been to Long Island, except maybe a friends parents home in Nassau County.
Most of Suffolk County is still very rural and has maintained much of its historical character and charm, though the integrity of these self-sustaining villages are constantly threatened by the encroaching Nassau County. Suffolk County is more like an area of New England as far as its towns and villages go. It is a very relaxing area and home to a plethora of outdoor opportunities and is a place full of culture and historical value for those who seek it.
It's very easy to write off Long Island as a suburban wasteland, and as a matter of fact...keep doing it because its getting too crowded for the people who love it here. :)
Nassau County gives the rest of Long Island a bad name.
by T. Bell February 18, 2006
A hopeless little island. People are always depressed and in a rush. In most areas, and in most cases, it's the fucking boonies. The education system here is horrible, and a little one-bedroom apartment is through the fucking roof.

Long Island is a miserable little hell-hole that is roughly an hour or so away from the greatest city in the world. Definitely one of the worst places to live in the world, considering that you're only an hour away from the greatest city in the world.
Long Island sucks. EXAMPLE(S): Little Johnny goes to school miserable, and then comes home with alcoholic and needle injecting parents that nag about the lawn. People fighting with thick accents about the quickest way to get to Subway, and ugly 40-year old girls who think they're cute for hitting on a 22 year old.
by Currency Counter January 14, 2012
A great island right outside of New York City which even contains two of the Boroughs of NYC (Queens and Brooklyn) I was born in queens then moved to south shore of Nassau County. Everyone on here is right when they say you go to school and realize what a great place it is. I currently live in Pennsylvania, and have yet to come across some good appropriately priced food, flat terrain to walk on instead of hills everywhere, warmer winters, cooler summers, decent educated not ignorant people and more. It is a great place to live with having the greatest city in the world practically in your backyard. When you visit or live here then you can judge for yourself. Yeah we are all spoiled, self righteous, and enjoy good culture and cuisine, all you people from elsewhere can sue us for it. Also a place to get some of the best weed ever for some decent prices.
PA College Student from PA: So man where are you from? I am from the great town of Stroudsburg PA.

PA College Student from LI: Oh wow that sucks I am from Long Island which is right outside of New York City, greatest place ever.
by UnknownMan4411 February 10, 2010
An island located east of NYC, with amazing beaches and some of the best people you'll ever meet. You can play the 6 degrees of separation game and you will find a connection to 9 out of the 10 people you'll meet from Long Island. Yes, sometimes we slip into our customary "Lawnguyland" accents, but the fact of the matter is they happen as a result of the people you grow up with, not necessarily where you're from. In fact, most people love our accents, and if you don't, don't listen to us talk when we go into a rant.
You either hate it or you love it, but there sure as hell isn't a place like this anywhere else.
You can't spell L-I-F-E without L.I. <3
Long Island girls do it better.
You either date a rich girl from the North Shore, or a chill girl from the South Shore.
Long Island is love.
by Jenbaby May 04, 2008
Depending on where you live it's 20 minutes - 1 hour from NYC, it has awesome beaches with sexy mammas, great place to visit, yes, we are NEW YORKERS, some of the inhabitants sound like they are from Brooklyn, some do not. People from long island don't all pronounce Long Island with a strange accent. We love real food, we love fashion. Some celebrities live on long island and some have moved since then. Overall a great place to live.
by meismeduh February 05, 2010
A small piece of land wedged between New York City and oblivion. Forever known for Billy Joel, grating accents, and, unfortunately, the Hamptons.
I'll speak funny and listen to Billy Joel, but I'm from Long Island, not the Hamptons.
by Silver386 October 06, 2005
Long Island has no cultural institutions, heritage or history. It does have malls, its own language and lots of statutory rape.
This is the land of Joey Battafuccos and Amy Fishers. Most people from outside the Island, think "there must be something wrong with the water on Long Island". This is a common phrase used in NYC, Westchester and Fairfield.
Most of the people on LI have never left LI which gives the place a very haunted and inbred feel. Those who are ambitious will go to college instead of working at their uncle's detailing shop but will go to Hofstra or LIU so they don't have to leave.
Many LIers hope to one day work at Cablevision (which is run by a junkie who screwed up the NY Knicks and his daddy's company) or the LIRR where it was found that 90% of retiree's were also claiming 100% disability with their pensions.
Most girls in LI gain sexual experience early at the hands of adult males, many of them married. This is one of the reasons why LI girls usually look washed out by the time they are 18. Drugs are a contributing factor. Many people believe that if you give a LI girl some cocaine you are guaranteed anal sex. Much of this sex occurs at one of LI's many motels which charge by the hour and are hotbeds of adultery and body lice.
Boys on LI look forward to the day when they men and can begin feeding cocaine to LI girls in return for anal sex at motels. Since they have to wait, they will usually spend their teens doing drugs and drinking in parking lots.
There must be something wrong with the water on Long Island
by willyblues April 01, 2011

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