I'm from Long Island so I trust me on all of this stuff

-a lot of people in long island are 'gheto' and 'gangsta', actually scratch that, everyone from long island falls under one of these categories

-I'm a new yorker cause i live in new york CITY. and the state, you fucktards. i think i would know, i live here.
-the few people who aren't ghetto and gangsta are absolutely loaded white people
-everyone is homosexual, so get over it. seriously, there are gay people here, we practically created homosexuality.
-i have to admit, we have shitty beaches..
-long island is upstate, thats just retarted to disputed.
-all long islanders have the mentality that we're better then everywhere else. If you can't deal with it then you should just move here
-all the girls are bitches
-everyone here is stupid, why is this even a question, are you reading what I am writing

-if you want to stop being inferior to gangsta, rich white stupid homosexual black people from the city in upstate NY and meet bitches then just move to long island already
person 1) I'm from Long Island man.
person 2) Hey that's the shittiest part of NYC
by longIslandOGhomo4Life December 17, 2013
The only "word" on here that has a bunch of people on here leaving a paragraph of a piss-poor defense of that shitty non-New-York-City based place. I didn't know this was a place to leave a blog, I thought it was supposed to be a place to get a definition, even if it's a shitty one. I don't even know why this shit is still called Urban Dictionary when no one on this shit is actually from any urban area but instead are usually from some shitty place. Like Long Island.
"Listen, I live on Long Island and it's the shit I don't care what any of you say you fucktards."

-Nah it isn't
by Bankers Box August 02, 2012
The best place to live in the world. Yes, I will admit there are some snobby rich people and from my town probably 25% of the population is rich and snobby. But if you're saying that we are terrible because we live here and think we're better than everyone. Total lie. You don't see us running around in New Jersey telling everyone how great we are...and furthermore we are not bad people because we live here...I was born and raised in a preppy town on the North Shore and I am proud...next time you want to go accusing Long Islanders, come talk to us, we're really not that terrible. Yes, there are always the drunk teenagers running around, and if you go down a main road at about 2 in the morning your bound to see about 30 15-18 year olds just going insane. But thats how it is here I'm sure we're not the only place in the world that does that. Life in Long Island is awesome... If you're trying to "diss" us well than you are just jealous that you don't drive a Jeep Wrangler, or BMW, or GMC Yukon, or Range Rover, out to a summer house in the Hamptons where you go to parties and have an awesome time. I don't have anything against any other part of the world or country, but coming from a person who lives in Long Island, I hope you get your facts right next time.
Long Island is the place to be.
If you don't live here,
You're no living.
by LongIslandersForever December 05, 2010
First off , we are not all snobs. Yes we might be the wealthier part of new york but that does not mean we are snobs. Nor are we pansies either. We are not clueless as to where things are in the city either. Yes we go on vacations often whoop di fuckin dooo. Keep talking smack on us and we'll just laugh and cut you off in our brandnew cars, while your driving your moms beat up honda civic.
Your from Long Island? Wow you must have money.
by summerxx45 May 17, 2008
(n)Long Island is an island consiting of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk
Though when people refer to the term Long Island they probably only mean Nassau and Suffolk. Long Island especially Nassau has been greatly affected by its rowdy neighbor and Nassau is considered to be a mainly urban area with a few suburban towns sprinkled in. It consits of rich neighborhoods like Great Neck and Muttontown. And poor neighborhoods like Roosevelt, and Hempstead. The two citys of Long Island are Glen Cove and Long Beach which both have urban feels and is developed more than your average city and both have crime similar to those of big citys. Suffolk is somewhat urban, somewhat suburban and somewhat rural. About 100 miles east of the NYC border in suffolk is green acres and farm land. Though someparts of suffolk have been infested with urban sprawl and have been infested with gangs. Other towns are nice and quiet and particulary suburban like Smithtown and St. James. Sometowns are notorious like Wyandanch and Central Islip.
"My cousin lives on a nice block, but right around the corner theres a bunch a guys smoking pot and selling drugs"
by scrills August 13, 2005
alright,lemme tell you something....long island (where i was born) is not all rich,white,jewish.ok,im italian and i come from long island.long island isnt that far from the city...its about an hour away,its also not all rich,it has its slums so theres no need to keep saying that the kids here drive mercedes to school....and yes we do have a distinct accent but not every long islander talks like fran drescher
my parents were from brooklyn and im from long island bitches!!
by mizguidette June 27, 2010
One of the most misunderstood areas of our nation. Settled in 1638, the island consists of 4 counties, Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Brooklyn and Queens are Boroughs of New York City and are therefore not generally considered part of Long Island.
If you are "dissing" Long Island and you are from Long Island, you are most likely from Nassau County, a stale, bizarre, and overdeveloped area full of strip malls and busy highways. It is the quintessential Long Island stereotype and unfortunately gives the rest of Long Island a bad name. If youre "dissing" Long Island and are not from Long Island, youre probably a young person from the midwest now living a hip lifestyle in New York City. You have never really been to Long Island, except maybe a friends parents home in Nassau County.
Most of Suffolk County is still very rural and has maintained much of its historical character and charm, though the integrity of these self-sustaining villages are constantly threatened by the encroaching Nassau County. Suffolk County is more like an area of New England as far as its towns and villages go. It is a very relaxing area and home to a plethora of outdoor opportunities and is a place full of culture and historical value for those who seek it.
It's very easy to write off Long Island as a suburban wasteland, and as a matter of fact...keep doing it because its getting too crowded for the people who love it here. :)
Nassau County gives the rest of Long Island a bad name.
by T. Bell February 18, 2006

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