A large island in extreme southeastern New York state. Although the NYC boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn are in fact geographically part of the island, when one speaks of "Long Island", they are generally only referring to Nassau and Suffolk counties.
Most of the area was undeveloped or farmland until the 20th century. The end of WW II saw the development of many towns and mass migration from NYC. The vast majority of the citizens are middle class homeowners, though there are a few pockets of poverty here and there. There are also some exceptionally wealthy areas as some of the richest people in America own homes on Long Island. Most of these areas are on the North Shore, the fabled "Gold Coast" of legend and lore...that Fitzgerald romantacized in The Great Gatsby.
Most of the southern half of the island is flat, but as one moves north of the Long Island Expressway, the terrain becomes more undulating and hilly, though the highest spot is only 401 feet above sea level near Huntington Station.
The climate features cool, wet springs, very warm summers, mild autumns that often last well into November, and moderately cold winters. One can generally expect several snowstorms of greater than four inches from December through March and blizzard conditions do set in from time to time.
From an aesthetic perspective, many undeveloped areas do feature scenic beauty, though suburban sprawl seems to be ever encroaching upon them...
by William C. Mather February 12, 2011
aka, Strong Island, Schlong Island, Bong Highland, New York City's retarded little brother. Long Island's "Diversity" consists of Guidos, Guidettes, Jappy bitches, and Wiggas. The small percentage of minorities reside in impoverished neighborhoods such as Hempstead or Freeport, which rich white people tend avoid like the plague. It should be noted white folks will shit a brick (or move) if someone ethnic looking moves into their neighborhood. Typical L.I. hobbies include doing plenty of drugs, standing idly on street corners, driving around in a nice car doing drugs, and going to the city because long island is devoid of any form of entertainment. Those who do not live off their parents strive to get off Long Island. It may a nice for city dwellers to visit but a lousy place to live.
Being Born and Raised on Long Island I gotta say it sucks.
by Jimbo Jonsey April 15, 2008
Is an island off Manhattan island, that is 118 miles long. Long Island contains Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. Queens and Brooklyn are part of the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Nassau and Suffolk Counties are not part of the 5 boroughs and are strictly just Long Island.

***I don't know why, but many that live in Queens and Brooklyn think they're not part of "long island". Sorry, unless there is some river that just appears overnight over the Queens/Nassau border, you are part of THIS island!

***Many that live in Nassau and Suffolk (not all sorry if I generalized somebody), think that once you cross that Queens/Nassau border, you are no longer part of long island. Nope, they're the city limits, and also geographically connected to this very island.

If you want to listen to me, maybe you should substitute the term "long island" if you live in Queens or Brooklyn, to "going out east" or "out in the island", just something like that etc. Same thing goes for you guys in Nassau and Suffolk, when your heading towards Queens or Brooklyn, just say "Queens" or "Brooklyn"

Rock on --
Blah blah blah Long island blah blah

***they made we write this
by jasasloeoepwgagajajamaja December 07, 2010
I am from North Bayshore, but have lived in Various NYC bouroughs for 22 years and have NEVER heard anyone, anywhere refer to Long Island as upstate. New York State consists of "the City", "Upstate" and "Long Island".
Most Manhattanites are from nowhere near NYC, so they're opinion of what consitutes a New Yorker are irrelevent. It's hilarious that people living in MAnhattan critisize Long Island for being too rich, when the average rent there is like $2500, and a co-op starts at a Million.
Long Isand may be segregated in many sections, But the Bayshore, Brentwood, Central Islip section of South Shore Suffolk is not. It is also working class to poor. Most of the declining areas are on the south shore and lay false the claim of all rich, all rural. In fact, LI is quite overdeveloped. Rural areas don't have punishing traffic.
True, culturally, it is deficiant. There is, in fact, little to do at night or otherwise. I found it boring as hell, that's why I left.
Also, many people are provincial and lame, but not as much so as 20 or so years ago.
In the Brentwood/Bayshore area there are plenty of gangs, crack, violence, larceny and 10 dollar blowjobs from a variety of creatures. That's ghetto. Dangerous, depressing and cyclical.
"i'm from Brooklyn"
"When you move to L.I.?"
"When I was 5"
"Where you from?"
"Long Island"
"It's beautiful, and rich"
"I'm moving from The city to somewhere nice"
"Brentwood, they got trees"
"Damn, your stupid"
by Shawn Nice December 29, 2005
you live "ON" Long Island... not "in" it
"yo, I have to go to my grandma's house this weekend all the way in Long Island.. it's gonna suck so much."
"dude, you mean 'on Long Island'.. get it right."
by yourbiiggestfan September 03, 2011
An island that is 125 miles in length and located right out side of NYC. It consists of nassau county (which borders NYC's borugh of Queens) and Suffolk County. It is primarlly known for the beaches of Nassau county and the yocals of Suffolk county.
Whenever I feel letting getting away from nyc, I visit the beaches in long island.
by toast455 July 07, 2005
First off , we are not all snobs. Yes we might be the wealthier part of new york but that does not mean we are snobs. Nor are we pansies either. We are not clueless as to where things are in the city either. Yes we go on vacations often whoop di fuckin dooo. Keep talking smack on us and we'll just laugh and cut you off in our brandnew cars, while your driving your moms beat up honda civic.
Your from Long Island? Wow you must have money.
by summerxx45 May 17, 2008

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