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the best place in the world. to everyone else who talks trash about it seriously you're just jealous get over it we have money, nice cars, clothes and houses, and yea our dad's are rich and its their money so just stop being jealous of us get over it
Long Island is an island next to NYC with the best beaches and people in the world.
by long island March 19, 2005
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A place where people cannot drive, and people dont realize that there is an entire state attached to the island.
Also, a place in-which, massive waffle shaped suburbs have been created after a mass housing project after WWII.

Today, longs Island is in habbited by Guedos and Jewish people or a mixture of both. The kids that call themselves "italian" are about as Italian as the other 13 generations that came before they did, in lamens terms, not at all, Futher more it is a land that does not believe in making their children work for their car, phone, school or anything that they own. and everyone and their 13 year old daughter smokes.

Finnally, it is a place in which people never migrate out of after High school, and white kids dress like they are strait out of compton.
I was walking down the street of long Island and some 11 year kid said "Yo, sup my nigga wha......" and he was hit by a girl in a hoda civic with tinted window wearing sunglasses talking on her cell phone while smoking all while rinning a red light. God I hate long Island
by Goose0703 March 24, 2007
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Okay, Long Island pretty much sucks. I lived there my whole life in Roosevelt & Hempstead. These are the only two towns where anything even happens. And i've been to just about everywhere. LONG ISLAND SUCKS!!!!! Who would wanna live here when the Greatest city on earth is right next to it. It just sucks get over it. Minus Hempstead & roosevelt, nothing even happens here. Move to Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, or Brooklyn. I wouldn't recommend
Staten Island, but if it's between Staten Island or Long Island, definatley pack your bags and head over to NYC.
NYC Kid: Wow mom, so this is Long Island. I'm gonna go try to associate with the kids.
LI Kids: Woah!!!!! Oh My God!!!, did you see that. That was apsolutley incredible!!! Wow!!!!
NYC Kid: What!!! What!!!!?
LI Kids: That slug moved 0.5 miles per hour faster than it did before!!
NYC Kid: I'm outta here

There is nothing to do, and trust me, kids are really amazed with things like this here because there is nothing to do!!! parents, don't punish your kids by making them live in the suburbs anymore, just go to NYC. I'm so glad I finally moved to Queens Long Island CITY. It's so much better.
by FinallyMovedToNYC!!! March 27, 2008
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1) The most segregated suburban area in the US.

2) The mass produced cultural wasteland created by white flight in the post-World War II baby boom era.
If you miss Jim Crow, go to Long Island!
by Emma Goldman May 16, 2005
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A big tract of suburban h*ll east of NYC. Known for its abundance of guido f*ggots who invade Manhattan on the weekends and turn formerly hot clubs like Marquee and Lotus into B&T wastelands. People who live in "the City" (i.e. Manhattan, not Brooklyn/Queens, etc.) look down on people from Long Island as uncultured suburban tools that dilute Manhattan nightlife or pretty much anything else they manage to get their hair-gel stained, grubby hands on. Long Islanders wish they could live in Manhattan, but can't afford it so they pretend they hate Manhattan and have a lot of "Long Island Pride".
A bunch of guido douchebags from Long Island sporting blowout haircuts, XS Armani Exchange t-shirts, thick gold chains, and ugly-ass jeans from American Eagle stroll up to Cain/Pink Elephant, etc. The bouncer takes one look and announces to them that the club will be full for the next 2 years.

Me: How the f*ck did the B&Ters from Long Island find out about Cain? It's only been 1 month! Better start spreading the word that the Long Island plague is on its way...

by PK811 July 16, 2006
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First off Long Island has a ton of rich white boy bitch jews..but it also has its slums. Wyandanch,parts of north bab, brentwood, parts of bay shore, but in other areas like massapequa all you see is 100% white kids driving mercedes to school.
Long Island has its bad parts but alot of pussies are from here that think their something.
by nagger March 13, 2005
35 104
A suburban hell hole with many malls, and 7-11's for these predominantly catholic and jewish teenagers to loiter in front of. Many kids who act big in front of a crowd and think their "my rules apply here" *looks up at sign 'Pelham Parkway'* and usually get their asses handed to them in a heart beat. Typical dumbfucks of this region could be best defined by Amy Fisher and that no talent, all american burger eating sack of shit Billy Joel
Hey Mikey I just saw the funniest shit.

Oh yea what?

I just saw two dumb blonde haired blue eyed wiggers get shot and robbed in fort apache.

Hahahaha....stupid naive fucking children of long island.
by George March 28, 2005
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