When and girl gets eaten out by a British guy or girl causing her back to arch
This British guy William ate out Jade and gave her a London Bridge.
by Focacc fam October 06, 2015
A sex position in which a woman bends over backwards while receiving vaginal intercourse and giving oral sex simultaneously.
1.) Kristina Krohn has seen many a London Bridge in her day.

2.) The woman was found weeping on the side of the road. The police suspect a London Bridge.
by Eileen Bakanswallow May 05, 2007
In a foursome with two girls and two guys: During penetration, the girl is facing forward and the guy is holding her up by her legs and her feet are off of the ground, and another couple is doing the same facing you. The two girls lean forward and brace their hands against each other creating a peak, forming the shape of a bridge.
My buddy and I are trying to London Bridge these two slams.
by scoreshack March 11, 2015
A popular nursery rhyme that also goes by the name "My Fair Lady." Featured in a popular Fergie song that relates to what some call the most well-known nursery rhyme of all time. The song also alludes to the historic and scenic literal London Bridge that has been the subject of many poems, paintings, and musical pieces.
My favorite singing game when I was little was definitely My fair lady/London Bridge.

OMG Fergie is so educated and worldly--she wrote a song about a nursery rhyme AND a landmark!
by sjssmarts July 02, 2014
When someone has a stoma and in a sexual event similar to a threesome the patient is engaged in anal sex as well as in the stoma. This act is similar to the Eiffel Tower.
Let's London bridge that bitch.
by cojo911 June 05, 2015
A sexual position akin to an eiffel tower. Much cooler than the foursome brand, its threesome variant features two ladies and a gentleman. The gentleman will lie down on his back with his member erect. One lady will then mount his genitals, while the other straddles his face. The two ladies should be facing one another and may make contact, if desired. The gentleman will perform intercourse and cunnilingus as applicable. If they choose, when approaching climax, the participants may exclaim "the London Bridge is falling down!" as they will no doubt be so fatigued when they finish, that they will collapse upon one another.
Frank took his two lady friends into the back and performed a London Bridge. What a lucky guy!
by TCoss November 15, 2006
it involves two guys and one girl. One guy is holding the girl by her legs and the other by her arms. the girl is giving oral to the guy holding her arms, and recieving vaginal intercours fromt he guy holding her legs.
"dude! me, stan and jessica totally did a london bridge last night!"
by k-boo February 13, 2009
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