In the words of Alan Partridge
"Home of Ungrateful Bastards"
Annoying Cockney Breeding Ground
Everyone outside of London hates the place
"Hub of cosmopolitan fun...balls...breeding ground for people nearly as annoying as the French"
by Ben December 04, 2003
The name London is a mixture of two words ''LUN'&'DONE'

when this city was created in England, a bunch of fuckers headed by Punjabi got togather to name this city. After three days of no conclusion Punjabi came out for a fag. As soon as he came out, a news reporter stopped him and asked
Sir what is done ?''
Punjabi replied in agitation..''Lun Done''

and since then it was named LUNDONE, later on spelled as LONDON to avoid female resistance.
whenever nothing is agreed upon in a meeting, manager says LONDON ...which means LUNDONE
by konka January 09, 2008
1.A place where dreams come to die.

2.A way of describing people from London who move into smaller towns.

3.Chav Capital of the world
2.Yeah, that London bitch thinks she's all good.

3.Jesus Christ, did you see all the chavs in London today? It was like a sea of gold sovereign jewellery and Lynx.
by Ihateyouallsomuch July 08, 2005
A really dramatic person who dosn't forgive anybody for along time or just not at all.
London is too dramatic.
by Ben Dover69 March 02, 2006
The New York of Europe.
Where can I find dim sum in London? And why do you guys call it an underground? It's a subway! Come on!
by Rickyrab February 05, 2007

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