Intoxicated to the point of speaking with a British tone rather than slurring your speech.
Jesse says, "Come on man, hurry up and get London."
by Rinches December 12, 2010
The city with the second-coolest subway system in the world, the first being Tokyo.
The Underground is cool an' all, but it isn't half as clean, half as fast, or half as filled with gorgeous Japanese girls and adorable Japanese boys who look like girls as London. Plus, you're more likely to meet a punker or in Tokyo than London nowadays, which is pretty pathetic.
by Mira Firefly March 24, 2006
Where I would like to live, where I want to go to college. THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!
I will go to London someday and meet Daniel Radcliffe!!
by Maria January 09, 2005
Capital city of the UK and largest city in the European Union. Combination of the best parts of America and Europe. Mixture of history, culture and uber-modern.
My niece is coming to visit from London. Well, Shropshire really but y'know!
by anonymous2000000000009 May 15, 2009
The place where Harry Potter is and will always be. The place where all the hot guys are (YEAH). The only place where I belong (as Well as Ali), the place where I am needed. The place that has an impact on me.
Oh my God, London is so cool!
by Bob Salsa May 11, 2005
Cancerous sprawl that basically sucks the life out of the rest of the country.
We had some power once - the parliament in London abolished it.

We had industry once - London didn't so it was allowed to rot away by the government based down there.
by Brigante June 21, 2005
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