a fresh-ass trick that gots swag.
one of a kind. hottest kid you'll ever see.
damn that kid gots some london on em'
by realworld 2.0 August 23, 2011
Slang for "toilet" in Indian English

Origins - The struggle for freedom during the British Raj, when policies passed in London (capital of the UK) were largely unpopular in the Indian sub-continent.
I'm going to London to look at the Queen, meaning "I'm gonna go take a dump (wishfully thinking it would land on the Queen of England)"
by noassassin December 06, 2010
Capital city of the UK and largest city in the European Union. Combination of the best parts of America and Europe. Mixture of history, culture and uber-modern.
My niece is coming to visit from London. Well, Shropshire really but y'know!
by anonymous2000000000009 May 15, 2009
cool place xpensive tho so if u not on at least 16000 u cnt get a lot big cities loads of different cultures,lots of gang mainly all part of yob culture nice place 2 live in some areas but bad in ovas e.g peckham,brixton,northolt,bow
also 4 some reason all the americans think we all rich but we not
american:wow u live in london have u gotta mansion
me:naaaaa i live in a flat n my bath leaks
The prettiest, most amazing girlie you will ever meet in your entire life and beyond. Everyone loves her!
guy 1- hey, do you see that girl over there?
guy 2- yeh
guy 1- she's so hot she has to be a london.
by darbmister3000 October 01, 2011
Getting high from smoking weed
I just went to london and now have the munchies
by jerseygirl21 January 08, 2012
the coolest girl ever, she is an awesome friend and knows how to have fun. If you ever come across a London you better become friends with her. Be warned if you make a London mad she can kick your ass.
did you see london at the party?
yeah she was the highlight of the party!
by strongbad911 February 21, 2010

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