The 10th largest city in Canada. London, Ontario is located close to Toronto (in the southern part of the province of Ontario). It is also referred to as "The Forest City" for its amount of trees and plant growth. Londoners tend to travel around every part of the city, and have no fear of being out late in the middle of no where.

If someone asks a Londoner (Ontarian) where they live, and they reply with "I live in London", they will most likely assume they live in England because no one knows of the one in Ontario.
Person 1: So where do you live?
Person 2: London. :)
Person 1: Ooh, I love English accents.
Person 2: Umm, I'm not British. o.o I live in Canada.
Person 1: But you just said you live in London.
Person 2: Yeah, London ONTARIO.
Person 1: Oh, I never knew Canada had a London.
by A Londoner May 03, 2012
London is a big shopping mall, invaded by French people when they are on holidays.
Let's go to London today! I'm gonna buy this A&F shirt I've seen on this guy walking in ze shamzelizey.
by Haggis2011 December 30, 2011
A name for a very amazing, beautiful girl. She's warmhearted and sweet and will help anyone in need, especially animals and the homeless. She has beautiful eyes and hair. She's very outgoing and oftentimes crazy and a little weird, but people love her regardless because she is herself and that's what matters most. London basically means "amazing all around".
Girl: So my new girlfriend's name is London.

Other girl: Oh sweet! That means she's amazing!
by That0Ajay0Kid June 03, 2011
word refering to underwear
"Your londons are showing!" This is what I tell my five year old when her panties are visible to the neighbor boys. As in, "I see London, I see..."
by slamont78 June 23, 2006
Put simply, London is the United Kingdom in its entirety. London spreads itself throughout the island like butter across a hot crumpet. London folk are all neighbours with Her Majesty the Queen and often share afternoon tea with her. Linguists believe this is the cause of the phenomenon where all Londoners speak exactly like the aforementioned queen.
Random Englishmen: I am from the north of England.
Random Americanmen: Oh? My friend Julie lives in London, do you know her?
Random Englishmen: Why yes I believe I do, I’ll be sure to tell her we met.
Random Americanmen: Thank you, safe travel back to London!
by Sardonic She April 15, 2006
A city in the South of England, often refered to by myself as SKANKLAND.

The reason being...
1. it is full of skanks
2. it is full of perverts
3. it is full of dirty filthy cockney londoners who think they can have just about anyone they want, who have had everyone they want
4. although... yes it has some beatiful attractions... the people there well... are usually beatiful on the outside but disturbed on the inside
5. it is dangerous to be there
6. it is dangerous to speak to people there
7. you should beware of sex attacks and stabbings and such whenever you go there
First Person: I went to London last week
Second Person: Any Sex Attacks?
First Person: Surprisingly... no
by Pepto November 02, 2005
A dirty skankhole in Southern England full of pickpockets and people trying to sell football scarves.

People from London believe that only ghosts live beyond the border of the M25. Mysterious creatures and strange, magical goings on happen there.

Anyone from outside the British Isles, and inside the M25 believes that London is:
- The only city in England
- England
- Britain
- (London only) The best place in the world, despite never having been anywhere else
- The only place with any nightlife in Britain
Go to anywhere in Central London, such as Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, etc.
Walk around and breathe the free air.
Go home to your house or hotel.
Get a tissue.
Stick it up your nose and waggle it around a bit.
Said tissue will now be black and can be used for charcoaling, sketching or as a neat party trick.
by Geoff the God of Biscuits March 08, 2005
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