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Capital of England. Capital of the UK.
One of the four fashion capitals of the world, along with Paris, New York, Milan & Tokyo.

A place rich in culture, old & new, traditional & punk-rock.

Walk through the West End and you'll see restaurants of 10003 different countries, shops which sell handbags in the shape of watering cans, and about 70 people painted silver or gold or various other metallic colours who make squeaky noises when they move and scare little children when they go to put money in their hat.

Take pictures of red double decker buses, the Big Ben or black taxi cabs. Alternatively, take any London tourist guide and cut out the front cover picture which will contain all of these things.

If you're a goth, or a little bit 'alternative', go to Camden Market.

Anyone else go to Oxford circus for the biggest and best Topshop in the world, Portobello Road or Covent Garden (especially on a nice summers evening with a slight breeze in your hair and the gentle guitar strumming of the buskers in the background. Trendies in skinny jeans sit on street corners and listen to scene music and the strange gold squeaky men pack up after a days hard work.)
London is A fashion capital of the world.
by h June 14, 2006
home city of drum and bass
let's go to fabric.
by teevee June 09, 2003
The cultural and political capitol of the UK. Visit in winter when the tourist aint there.
London is at it best in November, fewer americans
by Blackflag January 27, 2004
the greatest city in the world.
home to the best of all cultures, unfortunatly chavs seem to have emerged aswell.
the north london is a great and glorious land of golden streets etc. while the south should home to many many people but is hardly on the tube map, theres a reason.
The most egotistical city there is, theres a better reason.
'where shall we go today'
'we could go south london'
both burst out laughing
'but on a more serious not there is so much south and not any transport their, i wonder why there isnt any'
'thats easy, nobody wants to go there.'
by Leseid Nov January 30, 2005
Big place in the South
I like it there - if only they could bring themselves to be more polite
by Baby Fat Head February 13, 2004
London - its a wiked place but aint all that posh like the americans think it to be.

Most of London, except the outer boroughs ,central london and most of westminster is a dump, shitty public housing everywhere from crappy council houses to grimey shitty towerblocks and big dirty estates.

If you wana see londons ghettos - then go to these places - HARLESDEN, Stonebridge, north kensington, gospel oak, BRIXTON, streatham, PECKHAM, walworth, lewisham, deptford, new cross, woolwich, Plaistow, west ham, stratford, HACKNEY, bow, bethnal green, poplar, enfield and TOTTENHAM.

Yeh they're all very shitty with high levels of crime, for example - a lot of robbery, burglary, assault, regular stabbings, occasional shootings and car-jacking goes on and most teenagers in these parts carry knives.

Most gangs always got straps and people carry converted baikals that fire 9mm ammunition, mac 10s, magnums and revolvers. Bare people in London do own guns even though theyre illegal.

If you don't want to get shot, dont go to the places in caps - brixton, peckham, hackney, tottenham and harlesden (harlesden/stonebridge has decreasing crime but once gunshots wud go off every nite, it was like jamaica around 8 years ago)

London has 3 times the amount of crime New York does just to note.
African american kid is walkin along in brixton, London and sees some british niggaz smokin weed.

"yo fam - i dint know UK had weed, i thought yall jus sipped tea and ate crumpets fo real"

BANG BANG BANG - kid gets shot

"talk to da gun pussyole, fuckin yank wasteman"
by LDN gangsta August 20, 2008
Put simply, London is the United Kingdom in its entirety. London spreads itself throughout the island like butter across a hot crumpet. London folk are all neighbours with Her Majesty the Queen and often share afternoon tea with her. Linguists believe this is the cause of the phenomenon where all Londoners speak exactly like the aforementioned queen.
Random Englishmen: I am from the north of England.
Random Americanmen: Oh? My friend Julie lives in London, do you know her?
Random Englishmen: Why yes I believe I do, I’ll be sure to tell her we met.
Random Americanmen: Thank you, safe travel back to London!
by Sardonic She April 15, 2006