it involves two guys and one girl. One guy is holding the girl by her legs and the other by her arms. the girl is giving oral to the guy holding her arms, and recieving vaginal intercours fromt he guy holding her legs.
"dude! me, stan and jessica totally did a london bridge last night!"
by k-boo February 13, 2009
London Bridge refers to a woman's panties. When guy makes a woman's "London Bridge fall down", he is making her panties drop to the floor so that they can have sex.
In the song by Fergie of the same name they say, "How come everytime you come around my London Bridge wanna go down?" Which equates to "How come everytime I see you my panties end up on the floor and we end up having sex."
by Social Engineer13 September 06, 2006
a woman having the urge to wanna pull down her panties for a hot guy, so many crazy meanings to the word that sickos have overlooked the fact that in the video, Fergie's is standing on the table and her panties show the British flag. the video shot really gives a pretty obvious hint if you think about her British panties, the man she seduces in the video, and the lyrics. it connects.
These crazy pseudo-porno definitions of Fergie's new slang would make Fergie's London Bridge stay up and relocate elsewhere.
by Mr. Bob Vious August 30, 2006
When a girl does a handstand and you fuck her. Gradually her arms give out and she goes down like London Bridge is falling down.
I wish her arms didn't give out during London Bridge so I could avoid not crushing her.
by jez1691 August 24, 2010
n. slang for a girl's panties.

used by fergie in her song, 'london bridge.'
if a girl's "london bridge goes down", it would mean she took her panties off.

also seen in the elementary song: 'i see london, i see france, i see so-and-so's underpants.'
"how come every time you come around my london, london bridge wanna go down?" - fergie

"man i'd like to get in that chick's london bridges."
by tdm_duh September 18, 2006
A failed attempt to coin a new phrase for what I can only assume is sexual attraction by "Fergie."
Hi i am Fergie london bridge, my new song, sucks chode.
by extralivesx99 September 01, 2006
the act of having a london bridge doing down is the act of a woman getting so worked-up and wet that her pair of panties drop to her knees creating a bridge between her legs
I was so turned on I had to drop my panties and it was like the london bridge going down
by bargunner September 06, 2006

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