A term used to describe something humorous or funny. Prefix term "lol" indicating "Laugh out loud"
Person 1: Dude, I just watched this guy this guy trip on his shoelace and his head hit a traffic pole.

Person 2: hahahahaha "lolzies" hahaha
by Goliath821 March 22, 2010
Top Definition
something super funny and awesome that makes you laugh out loud. See also: Lolzing
"He used me for cybersex. LOLZY!"
by Bexinator August 17, 2007
A more extreme way of saying Lol. Its when Lol just to tame and lmao is to extreme its kinda in the middle and its above LOLZORZ.

It is yet another thing my hyper friend asked me to define.
Person1: is it lol!!??
Person2:is it lmao!?
Person3:its neither its LOLZIES!
by I said dont ask me my name BITCH February 08, 2008
Lolzy, adjective: The state of being lively and carefree while you are completely dominating the other team, and at times while drunk or just plain crazy. When you are in such "lolzy" state, you add a hashtag. For example: #lolzy. Though, the hashtag is not pronounced.
Mark: Hey what time is it?
John: IT'S #LOLZY TIME!!!!
Mark: OH YEAH!!
Josh: You're being #lolzy.
Lucas: I know.
by Derpecca November 09, 2013
a word that can be used as a humorous reaction to a joke, a sarcastic comeback, or a comical statement.
Person A: I love bacon. If I could marry it, I would.

Person B: Lolzy
by grapedrank_789 December 13, 2010
The characteristics of a statement that after contemplation make it worthy of a lol.
Skip: My friend Adam thinks George W. Bush was a great president.

Frank: Really??? That's lolzy!
by drkato September 04, 2009
A word used when something is extremely funny! It came from a little area in Philadelphia where two kids used it eventually causing it to catch on.

- an expression of laughing used in text or messaging
Lolzies! You're so funny!
by DLM&RT April 13, 2011
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