a mental condition similar to dementia that occurs when you are really high. Symptoms include occasional memory lapses, confusion, emotional instability, and forgetting where you are or what you were doing.
Man 1: What are you doing with that cheeseburger in your pocket?
Man 2: Shit, I don't know... Damn! I've got Lolzheimer's again.
by a-gaz January 20, 2010
Top Definition
Noun - When you laugh, but then forget what was so funny in the first place.
I laughed so hard at Happy's joke that I forgot why I was laughing; I must have lolzheimer's.
by MoochieThePenguin October 17, 2007
Something that made people laugh, but you (or them) just cant remember. Also, a twisted play on the word alzheimers
Person1: Hey, what was that joke you made about old people? It made me lol

Person2: I forgot lol.

Person1: LOLzheimers!
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