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One who uses the acronym LOL superfluously to the point where onlookers completely disregard any LOL's originating from said person.
Dude- "Jesus man, that chick is such a lolwhore on MSN messenger"

Sweet- "I know, i can never tell when she actually thinks something is funny"
by Jesus C. Superstar September 05, 2007
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A whore for unnecessary lolz.
Me: Hey
lol whore: Hi lol
lol whore: LOL
Me: um, how'd you go on that final exam?
lol whore: i failed it miserably lol.

lol whore: Heyyy! lol.
Me: hello.
lol whore: haha lol, what did you do today?
Me: My grandmother's funeral.
lol whore: oh

Someone who lolz for no reason at all.
by caitie b September 10, 2008
76 11
1.Someone who insist on using lol in every sentence they type.

2.Someone using lol more than once in one sentence.
1.girl- How was your day? lol

boy- It was fine thanks.

girl- Really? How so? lol

boy- It was great until you became an lol whore.

2.boy1- Dude lol i like totally asked Jenny out just now lol.

boy2- That's great man, but i thing you might be an lol whore.
by YouraFatty September 01, 2008
38 7
the extreme overusage of the text lingo lol after every text that you send, or just the single use of lol in a text.
Amanda: I can't believe my boyfriend just cheated on me!!!
Christian: lol
Amanda: Your such an lolwhore!!
by dinosaursex March 31, 2009
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