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If a bunch of relly dumb kids walk around, then you can call them a "lolpatrol"
It can also be used in combination with the word "inspector" (lolpatrolinspector) wich means "vastly superior"
Teh lolpatrolinspectha pwned yooo!
by Lolpatrolinspektøren November 30, 2006
41 15
lol-patrol means almost the same as "lolpatrol". But the patrol is NOT a weird patrol, it's a patrol you lol at.
<Blade X> Omg those kids over there are such a lol-patrol
<lallnubben> haha, let's LOL at them
by Lolpatrolinspektøren December 04, 2006
9 2
Something that is just so funny, it deserves a lot more than one lol (laugh out loud) it deserves a whole patrol (group) of them!
E.G. Your friend falls off their chair and onto a cake that someone has just left next to their chair, and everyone shouts out LOL, OR they all Laugh Out Loud OR they shout out LOL patrol!
by Kaytimeinternational August 17, 2008
5 12