An EXTREMELY long laugh out loud.
h3ll0 i am mastur ch33f lololololololololol
by Vennyscool911 July 12, 2011
An extension of the word lolololololololol. Basically meaning the same thing but takes longer to type.
John: Hey! I went to your mom's house yesterday.
Matt: Why?
John: I was bored
Matt: What did you do there?
John: I was laughing a lot, to the point my stomach was hurting.
Matt: How many lols would that be exactly?
John: About 9 or so.
Matt: Can you show me how that would look?
John: Sure, I believe it is along the lines of lololololololololol.
Matt: Thank you Johnathan.
John: You're most certainly welcome Matthew.
by Johnathon Matthews April 20, 2008
Like lolololololololol but really annoys those superiority complex possessed elitist irc users. Please use this word as often as possible :)
19:26 -!- elitist1234 has joined #elitist.egotrip
<elitist1234> Hail! I have heard that people in this channel would prefer chatting in correctly formatted standard english. Thus I decided to join your intellectual community.
<@asdfagZ> ...
<+13qwerty> lolol? :D
< elitist1234> Excuse me?
< elitist1234> I humbly request a ban for those two halfwit spammers.
23:00 -!- elitist1234 was kicked from #elitist.egotrip by <asdfagZ> {reason: elitistfag is elitist lololololololololol}
by lolololfag April 21, 2008
from the youtube comedy series (based on the game Halo 3), Arby N' the Cheif.

Instead of just 'lol' when something is funny Cheif says 'lolololololololol'
*rocket fires and hits arbiter as he jumps*
Arbiter: "Friggen' Asshole"

*At the same time as Arbiter* Cheif: "lololololololololol"
by AllaboardtheAtrain September 02, 2009
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