Lots of laughter out loud online
omg are you that guy from Sesame Street? lololol
by delphicoracle April 09, 2007
Top Definition
Laughing Out Loud Obnoxiously Lengthily On-Line

A lengthier version of LOL.
I want to emphasise how much I'm laughing out loud, by typing too many letters in a three-letter acronym! LOLOLOL
by The Spelling Fairy October 23, 2009
laughing out loud out loud out loud
I dutch ovened her
by Adam November 28, 2004
A form of digital retardation
Hey, I'm 6'6" tall... yeah like the BFG LOLOLOL
by duderanch00 October 31, 2011
a condensed version of lol-oh-lol. excessive laughing.
Hey, Peter just hit on that hot nerd
Who? the blonde Peter?
by g33f on twitter February 22, 2011

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