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The study of the term 'lol' in order to futher progress our understanding of its use, its meaning in various contexts, and affect on society.
Encompassed within lolology is lol dynamics, the study of the mathematical properties of lol and how these can be used to futher understand its meaning
Person a) Wowomg! That lolology lecture was fabtabulous!

Person b) It was l(ol)^9.

Person c) Say! Lets all go and indulge in some logging. I've got a fresh batch of foot-longs in the freezer!
by ignasio October 25, 2006
Study of the funny content of the Internet.
xl neoMax lx: o lol i posted on /d/
Me: o rly
xl neoMax lx: ya i posted pr0n
by #1 Messi Fan September 21, 2006

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