To lol out loud - to say lol out loud rather than actually laugh out loud.
A: Hahah thats so funny, I just lolled!
B: Haha, I just LOL(OL)ed.
by Orlandooo July 10, 2008
Verb Acronym
To say LOL out loud
when someone says something funny and instead of laughing or saying how funny something is, you verbally say "LOL"
Literally stands for laugh out loud out loud.
Also, lolol or lol out loud
1: Ugh, james is so gay
2: Why?
1: he lolol's
1: when i said, "look at that funny ass pic", he yelled, "LOL!"
2: what a tool
by Bigsexyjewface October 01, 2009
laughing out loud over life
Me: The best part about doing taxes is when they ask if I'm dead. #lolol
via giphy
by @meganomalous June 12, 2016
To "lol" out loud, pronouncing each syllable separately or phonetically as a single word during speech.
(At Comedy Show)
A: "Lawl! thats hilarious"
B: "L.O.L, nothing beats this guy!"
C: thinks, 'Wow, I have friends that just lolol'd in public...'
by B-Martini December 06, 2011
LOL out loud, as in, when someone actually says LOL in conversation.
Wait...did you just LOLOL? LOL!
by Beekey Piecake February 15, 2009
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