A situation or joke, or anything being so incredibly funny that you actually might have laughed your balls off.
I don't think I laughed that hard since the great lolocaust of '08 where 7million people simultaneously pissed their pants.
by «F»Voyager September 20, 2009
When coding is added to an internet page to make laughing smilies appear on every inch of it.

Can cause suicide.
*Page with thousands of laughing smilies*
Viewer: OH NO THE LOLOCAUST *Commits suicide*
by Fraugheny July 07, 2009
The act of laughing so hard, to the extent of killing at least 10 Jews
Adolf Hitler once laughed so hard that he was later tried for commiting a lolocaust.
by Sleeper2012 January 17, 2010
Holocaust: The systematic extermination of over 6 million innocent Jewish men, women & children. Something everyone should probably take the time to educate themselves about.

LOL: Abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud.

Aka these things are entirely inappropriate together.
Don't ever say Lolocaust. Ever. Thanks.
by alienattack77 January 26, 2012
A lol to the extent that 6 million people die.
An exagerated sarcastic lol to let someone know you don't really care what the fuck they're talking about.
Greg:(insert funny phrase or anecdote)
Jenny: Lolocaust!
Greg: So we went to go pick up the motor for the boat today and...
Jenny: Lolocaust!
by Tom Hart July 11, 2007
laughing out loud with magnitude equivelent to the badness of the holocaust
bob: omgsters that noob is trying to hump that scorpion!
joe: lolocaust!
by Tristan D October 06, 2007
The funny version of the Holocaust. As in, the actual Holocaust.
It was so funny when all those Jews died in the Lolocaust.
by Tyler Silkias October 24, 2007

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