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A level above lolocaust, (although a lolocaust does not necessarily have to occur previous to the lolocalypse).

The lolocalypse is when something is so incredibly funny, it is capable of exterminating all humans on the planet Earth. Theoretically, the lolocalypse can only occur once, after which all humans will have been killed, and apes with rise to power. This is why it is referred to as 'the' lolocalypse, and not 'a' lolocalypse.

The 'lol' can also be replaced with 'lawl.' This simply make the word easier to annunciate the word.
Man that was funny. It almost started the lolocolypse!

Prepare yourself for this joke, guys. It could very well bring about the lolocalypse!
by Quacker1 January 25, 2008
A type of fish found in Moldova. (Order Siluriformes)
I ate a lolocalypse, then shit it out.
by somekidiknew April 14, 2009
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