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the name of my lovely doggie, with special characters, tryin' 2 act like human n likes to bite...she is the most special doggie I had ever met!
lolo the dog, the wonderful wonderful dog.

if u ask lolo to sit, she'll never sit.
by zack "groovy" mackerdy April 27, 2005
Acronym - Laughing Out Loud Orgasm - When the mans penis is so small the woman laughs cause she can't orgasm.
I met this guy last night, he was a LOLO
by Shaun (sir_kermit1) September 09, 2008
"Laughing Out Large Organs"

Not usually used...
Kevin:I got hit by a baseball bat in the balls.
Random Guy: LOLO!!!
by Some Guy in Canada December 08, 2004
a west indian/coolie word for penis
Yo girl, come here and suck meh lolo.
by Gr81N September 11, 2005
In instant messaging: "Laugh Out Loud Outrageously"

Originates from a mistyping of lol (when typed too quickly). Because of frequent occurance, it is often said to represent "Laugh out loud outrageously."
Ex: (See examples where you would use lol, and replace with lolo)
by davidch September 12, 2006
Lolo means masturbation in a local dialect in Philippines.
Jake lolo everyday.
by ernie May 14, 2004
Annoying scenester broad that won't shutup
"lo lo, please, shutup."
by JEBUS August 04, 2004