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the prize that is saught after... what lies in her pants.... snatch.
let me get my hand into your lolly bag... them well talk!!!
by dick smith December 02, 2003
1 10
Australian term for briefs, Speedo bathers or any other skimpy men's underwear that makes the wearer's package look like a bag of mixed lollies. Bad news for unfortunate witnesses.

Other useful terms are tighty whities, budgie smugglers (awesome mental picture that) and banana hammock.
Lolly bags: see above. Do I need to draw you a picture??!!
by Choda Boy 57 August 23, 2006
12 3
Slang for scrotum sack
I saw an old man's lolly bag at the nude beach.
by silve-ja May 20, 2005
8 6