A girls name
A girl who is broken inside
A girl who looked up her name and saw ugly fat cunt
a girl who has feeling and wants someone to love her

who has an amazing boyfriend that no one thinks she deserves
"Lolly seems off today huh?"
"she just hates her life is all"
by weedlollypops November 29, 2011
1.)a person or thing that is mean spirited, vile, venom filled yet pitiable and pitiful, one who pounces on anything or anyone not meeting their impossibly asinine standards with sophmoric and moronic prerehearsed insults 2.) one who cannot or will not let go of past indiscretions, babbles on endlessly of things years since past 3.)a man of unfortunate facial features sometimes missidentified as a woman 4.) a terd
i had to go to the loo and drop a lolly that was remarkably lolly looking
by hacked February 10, 2005
My word for lol spread the word!
No really I normally say lolly instead of lol!
Se lolly pop
You: *inser joke* lol
Me: lolly!!!
by *~Elf~* August 08, 2006
a person who constantly corrects yahoo (theres a real challenge) spelling though is too lazy or stupid to go the distance and correct grammar and punctuation and is especially fond of your/your'e. ah well, we all should have such simple means to make ourselves feel bigger, better and more important in our own self loathing eyes
your* lol, i feel more important already
by hacket February 14, 2005
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