When you're sharing a lolly pop with someone and they stick the lolly pop in their mouth the wrong way and you have to get it back with your mouth, usually results in lips brushing together n.n
Sam and Ashleigh were like, totally lolly pop kissing earlier!
by SockLady October 30, 2008
Top Definition
To kiss and Lick the head of the Gentlemans Penis like a lollypop.
Hey darlin' how about a bit of a lolly pop kiss hey

also term used when to girls give you head, I got a double lolly pop last night
by G Dawg September 08, 2004
a girl gets really close to a guy like shes gunna kiss him and then she yells sucker
Bob got a lolly pop kiss from Ashley.
by babyblu June 01, 2004
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