The overuse of using the phrase lol. Can also be used as a form of enjoyment towards lollies.
"I like lollage" - form of enjoying lollies.
"Oh my god, you've got the lollage" - overuse of using the phrase lol
by King Jimmy December 27, 2005
Top Definition
for those of us too up ourselves to bring ourselves to say the word "lol" on the internet, let alone real life conversations. this adds the familiar suffix "age" to the end, thus adding an extra syllable.
"lollage, tulleh you are such a fool"
"i just fell over. lollage"
by candiclaus October 29, 2006
The ammount someone laughs using the onomatopoeia 'lol.' Also , lollage can be measured by the numbre system, one being lol, two being lolol, and so on.
Dude! Look at the lollage on that conversation!
by orange juic3 July 28, 2006
noun : used when describing, a girl / woman as adorable, cute, witty, clever and a little bit dipsy. Used as a term of endearment.

verb : to lollage, lollaging
n: 'She's such a lollage!'
v: 'She's lollaging again! How adorable.
by QuirkyThings November 25, 2011
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