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A condition mainly affecting young people from the age of 10 to 16, particularly in females who spend too much time in chat rooms or IMing programs. When afflicted, the persons fingers will spasm, continuously tapping the letter l, o, and l once more, even if the situation is not even remotely funny. As of now, the only hope is that the afflicted will either grow out of it or develop a brain.
That girl is impossible to talk to over the internet, she has lolitis.
by Stymied December 05, 2007
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When the person you are texting says "haha" "lol" "lmao" or "rofl", to incredibly not funny things. This is a serious condition, in which no one should "lol" to. It's also quite annoying.
Olivia: Good morning Shayna.
Shayna: hey lol
Olivia: How are you?
Shayna: hahaha i'm good.
Olivia: Great. Want to hang out today?
Shayna: ROFLMAO!!! yes.
by CreepCake24 April 15, 2010
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