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A teenage whore that acts like a young innocent girl.
My girlfriend is acting like a Lolita though she's already old.
by John karl the ill boy February 03, 2008
27 81
The counterfashion of Ikebukuro Gals & Shibuya Gals (Kogal, Gonguro, Ganjiro, & Yamanba)

The look comes from those cute yet creepy collectable porcelaine dolls, right down to the hairstyles.

Though nonlolita, the Lolita's are much closer to the Cosplay-like industrial Glam wearers than Gals.
The look was made popular by rather attractive crossdressers in music bands like Emiru & Izam, pushed today by female Idol Kana.

The super attractive crossdresser Mana is known, among many other things, for blending the dark Goth look with Lolita & coining the terms EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) & GLA (Gothic Lolita Aristocrat) The GLAs can also be called EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat) when 'Lolita' doesn't quite describe the tight, long, sophiticated & uncutesy style.
by Lai-Lai October 19, 2005
19 75
A fine young female who has a developed body at a young age. Too young to get with however
by Snakes September 06, 2003
80 139
Noun 1: Lolita-the most famous whale and star of the show at the Miami Sea Aquarium
Noun 2: Lolita-a derogatory term used to offend someone who is overweight

1) Mommy, I'm so excited to see Lolita do her flips at the Sea Aquarium!
2) Dang, man! She's so fat, she looks like freakin' Lolita!
by SoNotFatLikeYou May 17, 2007
10 117