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Doing random useless bs during the time when works is supposed to be done.
I was LOLing instead of typing up that report.
by Y0uto0b May 30, 2009
An exagerated term of saying lol, in a non stop way.
Tiffany was loling so much yesterday, I think she wet her pants.
by Star_01 June 06, 2009
Verb. Used when joking about something which demeans the person you use it against one way or another.
Johnny: "I screwed your sister man, i'm not gonna lie. It was good"
Steven: "So did i man"
Johnny: "What? Serious? i was just loling with you man"
by Sudyer August 10, 2008
The crime of 'laughing out loud' over the interent.
by Diego November 08, 2003