a conference about the term Lol. showcasing all the different uses and ways of using the abrevihation Lol
person 1- "did you go to the lolicon last week?"
person 2- "yeah they had a great talk about roflmao"
by Mat_11 July 05, 2008
Hentai which involved adolescent females. Most of time involves rape, or two sisters or friends kissing or having intercourse.
This site includes lolicon images (lolicon is good)
by DooM Master February 17, 2004
An icon that makes people laugh

NOT hentai, you pervs
"I totally LOLed at that Lolicon"
by mifdsam May 30, 2008
Lolicon is little girl porn. Usually stated if you see a little (Anime) girl doing something sexually oriented somehow.

Also known as Lolikon, as shown by 4chan.

Sister-sister or whatever crap is called INCEST. Sick Mofo!
Dude, that lolicon girl was putting POCKY up her snatch! What the hell! It was damn hot though.
by BenIsTyte January 06, 2005

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