Contrary to popular belief, "loli' is NOT the abbreviation for "lolicon".
In Japan, a "Lolicon" refers to a person, usually a man, who enjoys looking at young girls(loli), be it sexually or not.
These lolicons are usually depicted as perverted people.
A: Hey look! That young girl over there is so cute!
B: Tch, lolicon.
by ryuusuke October 10, 2013
A condensed version of 'Lolita Complex' introduced by Japanese Anime culture, originally derived from Nabokov's novel, Lolita, Lolicon refers to an individual's attraction, usually sexual in nature, towards girls between the ages of 12 and 16. The 'm' at the end of the word, which should be Lolicom, is naturally linguistically altered for ease of speech, as the English language has significantly more words ending with the 'n' consonant.

The original term Lolita Complex refers to the obsession Nabokov's character Humbert Humbert has for Dolores 'Lolita' Haze, a twelve-year old girl strongly resembling a girl with whom he had shared a frustrated sexual experience when the same age, thereby creating his complex and limiting his sexual attraction to pre-teens or women who appear significantly younger than they are.

While outside of the age bracket for pedophilism, the barely pubescent nature of the girls in question puts most of Lolicon's nude or sexual artwork in the same category as child pornography. This is avoided in most Japanese Animation or anime, which is the media art form catering the most widely to Lolicon, through insistance that the girls in question are of age and simply look much younger than they are.

The male version of this is Shotacon, a reversed version in which someone, usually a woman but sometimes a homosexual male, is attracted to boys of, or appearing to be of, the same age as a traditional Lolicon. (12 - 16)
'I'm not a pedophile, I'm a lolicon. I just like them young; there's nothing weird about that. People used to get married and have kids at fourteen.'

- Denial behaviour in a Lolicon attempting to convince others that his affliction is normal.
by Keeskee April 12, 2010
A genre/theme of anime in which underage or child-like female anime characters are sexually depicted.
"What kind of hentai do you like?"

"I prefer Lolicon hentai, but a good lolicon ecchi is fine too"
by AkemiCNN September 26, 2012
Lolicon is the word to describe person who likes, or have lust over female children. Age range varies by individual. The most accurate age range is between 1 years old to 12 years old.

The word lolicon originated in japanese language by combining two words: Lolita and Complex. The word Lolita itself comes from a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov in 1955. Lolita is both the name of the novel itself anf the name of a main heroine. The novel is about obsession of middle-aged intellectual with 12-year old girl named "Lolita" (so the most accurate age range as said above should be ~12).

Originally the word Lolita has no meaning, but later it means Young Girls (age range as said above). By combining the word Lolita and Complex it should be Lolicom, but as in japanese language which the word "Lolicon" originated from does not have the "M" sound. As the result, combined word is Lolicon.

Lolicon and pedophile have almost the same meaning, but the western adapted lolicon mostly count only person who is obbessed with drawings of female children, when in japanese it count both real female children and drawings of female children.
That person is a Lolicon

in japanese meaning
- That person is obbessed with female child
- That person is a pedophile

in weatern adapted meaning
- That person is obbessed with drawing of female children
by mireka kuremine July 22, 2005
*Only according to Internet Termology(Slang)*
1)Noun A form of Anime which put Underaged Female Anime Characters in to sexually erotic scenes!
2)Verb The Sexuallization of Underaged Female Anime Characters!(ex: Lolilize)
3)Japanese Meaning: "Pedophile"
1)Loli Fan #1: Did you see what Tomo Takino did yesterday on Youtube?
Loli Fan #2: Yea she looked so..."cute" in that lolicon!

2)I hate to see Innocent Anime Characters from Innocent TV Shows get Lolilized! (EX: Azumanga Daiho's Chiyo Mihama)
by Saikano November 02, 2007
1) A form of Anime in which Underaged Female Anime Characters are depicted in a sexual manner!
2) Anime Child Pornography(Virtual/ Simulated)
3) In Japan: "Pedophile!"
Kodono no Jikan's Kokono is the most Lolicon character on the show!
by Saikano November 26, 2007
The Japanese term for 'lolita complex'.
Lolicon wa hidoi desho?! (The lolita complex is terrible, ain't it?)
by dougesoul March 19, 2003
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