A condensed version of 'Lolita Complex' introduced by Japanese Anime culture, originally derived from Nabokov's novel, Lolita, Lolicon refers to an individual's attraction, usually sexual in nature, towards girls between the ages of 12 and 16. The 'm' at the end of the word, which should be Lolicom, is naturally linguistically altered for ease of speech, as the English language has significantly more words ending with the 'n' consonant.

The original term Lolita Complex refers to the obsession Nabokov's character Humbert Humbert has for Dolores 'Lolita' Haze, a twelve-year old girl strongly resembling a girl with whom he had shared a frustrated sexual experience when the same age, thereby creating his complex and limiting his sexual attraction to pre-teens or women who appear significantly younger than they are.

While outside of the age bracket for pedophilism, the barely pubescent nature of the girls in question puts most of Lolicon's nude or sexual artwork in the same category as child pornography. This is avoided in most Japanese Animation or anime, which is the media art form catering the most widely to Lolicon, through insistance that the girls in question are of age and simply look much younger than they are.

The male version of this is Shotacon, a reversed version in which someone, usually a woman but sometimes a homosexual male, is attracted to boys of, or appearing to be of, the same age as a traditional Lolicon. (12 - 16)
'I'm not a pedophile, I'm a lolicon. I just like them young; there's nothing weird about that. People used to get married and have kids at fourteen.'

- Denial behaviour in a Lolicon attempting to convince others that his affliction is normal.
by Keeskee April 12, 2010
Top Definition
Japanese term meaning 'lolita complex,' after the novel (and two movies). The abbreviated 'complex' is generally transliterated with an ending -n rather than -m. Oh those crazy japanese.
The term typically refers to pornographic art, anime or otherwise, of females aged between 12 and 16, and also to those people attracted to such girls. However, real child pornography is sometimes called lolicon.
Art of underaged girls is legal in most countries, which explains the popularity of lolicon. Despite the fact that the age bracket is technically outside the realm of pedophilia, lolicon is frowned apon, especially in the west.

Lolicon featuring males is shotacon.
"Lolicon doesn't hurt anyone. Gimme the tissues and fuck off."
by Rx October 22, 2004
Art(usually japanese animation) which displays a child in a sexual situation, or a sexual pose.
i've downloaded a bunch of lolicon
by Arch-Angel July 31, 2004
The original meaning for Lolicon, derived from Lolita Complex. The Lolita Complex, is when someone who, over the age of consent, looks like a child. Many meanings for Lolicon have come about over many years.

The newer, more often used meaning for Lolicon, is a form of hentai.

Lolicon, is the sexual depiction of someone under the age of sixteen. You'll find older ages put into original hentai, since the age of consent for Japan, is fourteen.

The alternative spelling for Lolicon, is Rorikon.
"Last night, a few friends and I looked at some Lolicon."
by KinChan August 28, 2006
Derived from the from lolita complex - from Nabokov's novel "Lolita". The n-ending is due to the phonology of Japanese allowing for n-endings but not m-endings.

1) (Noun) (Japanese usage) Someone who is attracted to prepubescent girls; a paedophile.

2) (Noun) (Western usage) Hentai (Anime/manga pornography) depicting prepubescent girls.

Note: often the term "lolicon" (like related terms) is misused to refer to pornography of/attraction to infant, adolescent, etc. girls. Strictly speaking, however, the term refers only to prepubescent girls (primarily ages 4-12)
Sense 1:
Person A: I just bought some junior idol dvds, you wanna watch them with me?
Person B: You are such a lolicon!

Sense 2:
Person A: OMG are you looking at lolicon at the LAN?!
Person B: uhhh... errr... no? <.<
by baaru February 26, 2009
Lolicon, (or Lolikon/Rorikon), is basically the japanese word for a pedophile who is interested in young girls. It is basically a japanization of "Lolita Complex." It is lolicon instead of lolicom due to the absense of the "m" sound, and the presense of an independant "n" sound.

Overseas, the term can also refer to the type of anime, manga, or doujinshi which involves young girls under the age of consent involved in sexual activities, though usually 12 and under. Such pornography is normally refered to as loli in Japan.
The lolicon is often feared by society.

Us lolicon shall have a loli convention!
by S. Dora June 06, 2006
Lolicon involves a young girl and an older guy, or older girl, or same age girl. It is a Japanese term for that type of anime/manga. Lolicon content is usually under the catagory of Hentai because most of the content includes mature situations. Lolicon is legal in Japan because the legal age is 13. Although strict laws are in place for distrubution.
I am a girl, a bisexual girl, and I download Lolicon, it is not dangerous nor has it made me a freak, or a rapist.

Strawberry Panic, and others.
by Shynobi August 12, 2006
Lolicon fan:I like lolicon animes Which have little girls naked and in sexual positions it's completely normal

Normal person:you're a pedophile
by Realbasedgod July 06, 2015
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