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Transsexual vagina, artificially created by surgery and requiring "wanding" daily to remain open. Also not self lubricating.
That Thai chick at your party had a Lolgina bro, i had to go out and get Astroglide just to keep from sending smoke signals with my dick
by kkkoonhater March 01, 2013
laughing at someones vaginial mishaps, or something is generally funny, it can be non specific.
Boy: Are those crotchless pants?
Girl: Haha yeah i bought them in the sale
Boy: oh right lolgina!


Francesca: Ewww i just stepped in dog poo
Melissa: Lolgina!
by ARJOWIGGINS November 03, 2010
when ur vagina laughs at a guy's dick from being so small
Corey: *takes boxers off*

Chloe: Lolgina, it's that small?
by SweetNsticky April 02, 2011
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