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Actually two words made into one compound word, it is basically saying "lol, fag". Usually meaning "Lol, you're a fag" or "Lol what a fag".
Tom: I can't beat level three :(
John: Lolfag


Tom: Some guy slapped my butt in the locker room O_o
John: Lolfag
by Saru November 06, 2007
A moron who says or does something so excessively gay or stupid its not funny. Or is.
(Coined from Cyanide and Happiness)
1. "Zomfg... LOL FAG!"
2. (guy) "Oh my God! I love your outfit! Where did you get it?"
(other guy) "LOL FAG!"
3. "Please don't let him kill me! I have a wife and kids!" *kills*
by ClydeFrog May 17, 2007
people who play lol (league of legends) all the time
- sup bro wanna play lol ?

- no lolfag
by dimitri2413 April 14, 2011
lolfag stands for "lots of love for all gays". It's a friendly term to show how un-homophobic you are. It's mostly used when someone says something gay to show that you aren't judging them.
Person1: I'm super! Thanks for asking!
Person2: lolfag
by shawabawa October 06, 2010
A title assigned to a noob worthy of being laughed at.
Bryon is such a lolfag, he wrecked his car into a pole.
by hivoltage June 12, 2008
a polite way to call someone a fag
John: Hey Eddie!
Eddie: Have you been to the restaurant?
John: Yeahh!!! (searches it on wikipedia)
Eddie: Really? Whats your favorite thing to eat?
John: uhh uhh... (nervously rifts through wikipedia) uhh uhh pocky sticks!
Eddie: lolfag
by ninjayellowred July 10, 2008
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