An image macro of a member of the feline species, usually superimposed with phrases that make little to no grammatical sense whatsoever; some of the phrases are echoic of Black Slang, 1337 speak, or gamerchatter.
Oh goodness, today is Caturday! I need to start making a my weekendly lolcat from Fluffy's cat park visit!
by suntreader September 08, 2007
An added extra to the normal use of 'lol'
usually used when something is funnier than a lol, (a more exaggerated lol).
person: french was the funniest thing today
reply: I KNOW...LOLCAT
by dudeeeeeeeeeeee July 18, 2008
fucking stupid..
lolcat: i haz a cheezeburger
by tony81231 September 10, 2008
laugh out loud, with cat on the end of it
toms face....LOLCAT !!
by bridgepiercingbex September 12, 2006

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