Hilarious pictures of cats (or sometimes other animals) in cute and/or strange poses with a funny made-up caption. The most popular caption is "I can has cheeseburger?"
"You really shouldn't give a cat a cheeseburger."
"Dude, don't take lolcats seriously. It's just a joke."
by JennaWenna214 May 13, 2008
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Funny pictures of kitty cats = ultimate productivity killer.
Manager: Dude, productivity in my office just dropped to zero after Bob discovered Lolcats.
by Agent0042 December 05, 2010
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A humorous picture of a feline, accompanied with a witty caption intended to create laughter.
Common lolcat photo: INVISIBLE BICYCLE
by imabeagirly October 25, 2011
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Oh hai thare
So you want to speak lolcat? It isn't very easy and you may end up with some kitty scratches in the end. The purpose of this page is to offer help on proper lolcat syntax and grammar. Don't worry if you don't get it at first. It takes some practice but in the end you'll end up with proper lolcat that is both cute and funny.

This isn't fully written though. I shall be doing that soon. For now, if you really want a crash course go to icanhascheezburger and read the comments there. These are the experts. Yes, really.

Here we go!

General Spelling Rule: Homonymous Misspellings
While some of the rules about spelling pertain to common typing errors, baby-talk, kindergarten misspellings and community-specific mannerisms found on online message boards, the important skill is to learn when using lolspeak is how to borrow the spelling of certain parts of one word to misspell another word that shares certain phonetic sounds (or that just rhymes).

You can mix them around like this:

ghost -> goast or ghoast (borrowing from "toast" or "coast")

feet -> feat (borrowing from "meat" or "heat")

moan -> mown (borrowing from "own" or "mow")

crowd -> croud (borrowing from "cloud" or "found")

nothing -> nuthing (borrowing from the typical sound of the letter "u" as in "umbrella" or "hut")
LolCat XD--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Test 1: an teh ppl wen 2 teh pien tre and seds "o hai. we luvs ar pien tre!!!1!" srsly.

The people went to the pine tree and said, "Oh hi. We love our pine tree!" Seriously.


Test 2: Oh Hai. Iz likes pai

Hello, I like pie.


Test 3: ai can has peec uv pai?

Can I please have a piece of pie?


Test 4: i can haz cheezburger ?

Can I have a cheese burger ?


How well did you do? Good luck reading!
by BoredDude2 April 26, 2010
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a series of cats photographed in any number of unfortunate or comedic happenings purely for our viewing pleasure with ill-spelt captions called LOLSpeak
LOLcat: Geek Squad iz equal opportunity employer
by O HAI! October 18, 2008
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One of the many inside internet jokes, which consists of pictures of cute kittens, cats, and cats in funny poses, which then have captions in large (generally white) font taking up AT MINIMUM a fourth of the page. Misspellings and atrocious grammar are common, the most frequently used phrase is "I can haz cheezburger?" spelt a number of different, and all wrong, ways.

A large archive of photos, captions, and al manner of idiots who find them funny can be found at Icanhascheeseberger.com.
Did you see those lolcats? That one "haz a corm!" Ahahahahahaha!
by Onixy September 23, 2008
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A picture of a kitty with a funny caption, there are Lolcat, Loldog, Lolrus (Lol walrus) & lolbunny
"I can has cheezburger"

"i has a bukkit"
"noooooooo they be stealin mah bukkit"

"yuu wakez me up to make a lolcat? wtf?"
by Glenn1337 January 28, 2008
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