1.a photo of a bear looking cute, foofy or silly with a funny caption. What lolcats would be if they were bears.

2.alternately, something that makes you laugh.
1. "I cn haz dis hunny?"

2. Alex: "I found a shirt with Han Solo rockin' out, and it says "SOLO". I W-A-N-T it!!!"
Scarlet: "lolbears"
by scarlet macraisin March 26, 2008
Top Definition
a bear that is lol XD
this bear can be a bearby or a big bear
also used as another (cuter) form of "lol"
"that cat just fell over"
by Emyy February 10, 2008
a cute cuddly foofy bear doing something that makes you wanna lol.
"look at that lolbear on Alex's profile! it's so cute & foofy! LOL"
by scarlet macraisin March 23, 2008

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