Hindi slang for a cock(penis), especially a big hanging cock. A small hanging cock is called "Loli"(like that of a child).
Apna lola apne paas rakho.
by Indo Polla December 08, 2006
A woman who upon closer inspection turns out to be a man. A tranvestite, if you will.

It's origin is the Kinks song "Lola"
"Well I'm not the world's most masculine man but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man and so is Lola"
by Biblo February 14, 2005
Vagina, pussy, twot known to the woman as her private place and also a girlfriend
Sentence: Your Lola is really tight.
by Chrystal Flanders May 28, 2008
From: Shapeshifters 'Lola's Theme', the smash hit music single of 2004.

1. A clubber that only listens to "handbag house," which is a particularly cheesy form of dance music.

2. A clubber who, when choosing which club to go to for the night, is more concerned with their appearance and "being seen" at a particular location than the actual music being played.

Also see: muppet
"I am so sick of going to gigs these days and finding the place full of lolas, the dance scene is just not how it used to be."
by Greenie March 15, 2005
Refers to A womans Vagina. Derived from a nickname used to avoid using the word Vagina in Public. Used amoung Shelton High school Students.
B:Ok, Describe my Lola
N: Umm, warm, fuzzy, Somewhat wet?
B:Ok thats good enough no need to go on
N:Your turn Describe Stormy...
by AEIOU September 27, 2006

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