spanish for boobs, rack, breasts.

"Pechugas" might be used as well.
Spanish: Pana! mira qué lolas tiene!
English: Dude! check out her boobs!
by Deliciousness May 03, 2007
a terrific song by a great band called the Kinks, the song is about a transvestite - Lola
the Kinks are cool
by tAc October 30, 2003
It stands for "Lust Often Love Always" and refers to a girl who often is making out and always is making love with his husband/partner/boyfriend...
Wow! She is a real LOLA girl.
by Rara Sh. July 21, 2014
Laughing Out Loud Alone
LOLA is the lonely persons LOL. Use it in exactly the same way as LOL but add an 'A' - to emphasise the fact that you are laughing out loud alone. You poor thing.
by crackfoxy July 19, 2011
An affectionate name for a type of a vehicle that is not a truck, car, van, station wagon or SUV. May also be called a crossover. Inspired by the song Lola from the Kinks.
The Chevrolet Equinox is a lola.
by The driver of a lola April 28, 2011
A girl with massively incredible tits and crazy computer hacking skills.
Guy 1: "Dayummm check out those fine boobs!"
Guy 2: "Wow is she hacking that computer?!
Guy 1: "Nice! What a Lola!!!!"
by MrFreakinAwesome February 25, 2010
Laugh Out Loud Awquardly. Used as a replacement for lol. (Laugh Out Loud) Sorta like lolz maybe?
Tom: ... then she said "you are such a douche!"
Kevin: "LOLA man!!!"
Tom "Dude." (walks away)
by The girl with red hair November 27, 2010

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