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An affectionate name for a type of a vehicle that is not a truck, car, van, station wagon or SUV. May also be called a crossover. Inspired by the song Lola from the Kinks.
The Chevrolet Equinox is a lola.
by The driver of a lola April 28, 2011
a terrific song by a great band called the Kinks, the song is about a transvestite - Lola
the Kinks are cool
by tAc October 30, 2003
Laughing Out Loud Alone
LOLA is the lonely persons LOL. Use it in exactly the same way as LOL but add an 'A' - to emphasise the fact that you are laughing out loud alone. You poor thing.
by crackfoxy July 19, 2011
A girl with massively incredible tits and crazy computer hacking skills.
Guy 1: "Dayummm check out those fine boobs!"
Guy 2: "Wow is she hacking that computer?!
Guy 1: "Nice! What a Lola!!!!"
by MrFreakinAwesome February 25, 2010
There are two definitions for LOLA.
On being "Lots of llamas arrested"
The other being "laugh out loud...a lot".

So you say either when you are laughing out loud a lot, or when lots of llamas are being arrested.
by Y0u_Kn0w_Wh0 April 04, 2011
Showgirl of Barry Manilow fame. She danced at the at the infamous Copacobana, where her bartender love was tragically shot and killed by a man named Rico.
"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in her hair, and a dress cut down to there..."
by lalala December 14, 2003
A large feline that can be found in closets or laying around on couches. They are large due to the amount of fat that they carry in the belly region. Lolas are menacing not because they are strong and majestic, but because they have an uncanny ability to wield their mass.

A Lola in the wild has the predatory advantage of being so slow that they are impervious to detection. A Lola will creep upon their prey before unleashing the infamous and inhumane act of suffocation by fat.

You cannot catch a Lola for it will rip your eyes out with it's claws, making it impossible to find your way to a telephone to seek medical attention. Caution in the form of small throw pillows (a Lola's greatest fear) should always be used.

Their small prey does not stand a chance.
"Watch as the blob-like Lola truffle shuffles through the high-pile rug toward the unmoving bowl of generic brand cat food. It's preparing for the attack..

There it is! The stomach region of the feline has successful covered the motionless object! There is no escape now."
by Madsworth Extraordinaire March 20, 2011