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a terrific song by a great band called the Kinks, the song is about a transvestite - Lola
the Kinks are cool
by tAc October 30, 2003
284 240
a common autocorrection for lols on the iphone/itouch
tom: dude i just ran over a fucking cat
bill: lola
tom: wtf?
bill: lols*
by lolasahai April 28, 2010
101 72
used for an extremely sexy female, whose lover is toto tuff
you are my lola
i love you lola
by toto tuff December 13, 2010
59 33
The epitome of a city girl: someone who sets the stage for the lastest fashion, someone who carouses through NYC on a daily basis, whether it be at school or life in general. MUST have worked at some fashion related store (ie. Club Monaco) and must be known to many as "crazy." If spotted, Lola will probably be in jeans with a cute top on and some fashionable gold jewelry, and on occasion you'll find her dolled up in a cute little number probably purchased in NYC (obviously). Lola, or city girl, just loves to party. Period.
"What are you wearing tonight?" -"Whatever Lola wore last night."
by Bloodsissy December 06, 2007
92 84
L.O.L.A, an acronymn made up by paul.
it stands for the phrase ''LOVE ONCE, LOVE ALWAYS''

A term used when someone loved another, at one point in time, and the love never faded, you loved them once, you will love them forever
Paulie will forever L.O.L.A with phil.
by Paulie-O June 30, 2005
16 11
spanish for boobs, rack, breasts.

"Pechugas" might be used as well.
Spanish: Pana! mira qué lolas tiene!
English: Dude! check out her boobs!
by Deliciousness May 03, 2007
8 5
auto-correct often takes "lol" and changes it to "lola" therefore lola=lol
Person 1: McKenzie Zales is such a whore
Person 2: lola, i know right.
by Ashley Catchadorian January 16, 2013
5 4