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"lol" = Shut the fuck up.
Unless it's a chick you like, then it's just hopeful that an lol was appropriate.
Andy: "Yeah dude, me and my dad went fishing today and we caught this huge bass and we cut it all up, cooked it and ate it all up. It was a good day. And then he was like 'I'm so proud of you, son. You're very important to me and I love you.' It made me feel so special and I just gave him a big hug right by the grill. What a great day."
Mark: "lol"

Tina: "Me and Melissa went out today to the beach. It was pretty nice out but these fat guys were checking us out and we were like 'uhh..hi?' lol

Mark: "lol!!"

By the way, my name is not Mark.
by Cooly McCool April 02, 2006
20 22
A short way to express laughter in typing, rather than type "ha ha" which might be mistaken to somebody as a more offensive laugh. A more convenient way to express laughter than "I'm laughing hard." If it is said in person, this could mean the speaker is incredably lame, stupid, or ignorant, or is addicted to games.
John: So my friend got tripped today.
Jim: Ha ha!
John: Hey, shut up, he wasn't expecting it!
Jim: Err.. what I meant to say was: lol that sucks
John: Oh, okay.
by Maxter December 15, 2005
13 15
I'm pretty old and lol always meant "lotsa luck"
it was used in a number of ways.
Wishing someone good fortune when embarking on something new.
Reply to someone about to attempt something doomed to failure.
I hear you're trying to fix up that old clunker. lol
So this is your third marriage. lol
by HBM November 02, 2005
3 5
Most commonly used as the phrase "laugh out loud" in IM conversations. A less common use however is the phrase "lots of love" which is used at the end of conversations.
CoolGuy47: I think i am gonna go to bed now.
SeXyChik99: ok. Bye. lol <3
(in this case it would be lots of love)
by nTimID8r September 11, 2005
14 16
An expression of sadness. It means "Lord oh Lord".
Man we got our asses kicked again."lol"
by wright May 14, 2005
1 3
LOL means "Laughing Out Load". But everyone know that one, right? It's old, and boring...
If you are laughing, and agree with me that lol is useless, instead use one of theese:
LMFAO = Laughing My F***ing Ass Off
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
SQTM = Smirking Quietly To Myself
STM = Smiling To Myself
PMPL = Peed My Pants Laughing
GUIBS = Giggled Until I Broke Something
SFIFTL = So Funny I Forgot To Laugh
HSTF = Holy Sh*t Thats Funny
LTIC = Laughed Til I Cried
LSHIH = Laughing So Hard It Hurts
SomeRandomPerson#1: *something funny*
SomeRandomPerson#2: LOL
SomeRandomPerson#1: XD


SomeRandomPerson#1: *something funny*
SomeRandomPerson#2: LTIC
SomeRandomPerson#1: XD
by 'Cause this is serious sh*t October 05, 2010
3 6
laughing out loud , or lol , usually a conversation killer
guy 1: my grandmother died this morning

guy 2:lol

guy 3: you asshole !!!
by Wtf man ? September 01, 2010
0 3