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A whore for unnecessary lolz.
Me: Hey
lol whore: Hi lol
lol whore: LOL
Me: um, how'd you go on that final exam?
lol whore: i failed it miserably lol.

lol whore: Heyyy! lol.
Me: hello.
lol whore: haha lol, what did you do today?
Me: My grandmother's funeral.
lol whore: oh

Someone who lolz for no reason at all.
by caitie b September 10, 2008
One who uses the acronym LOL superfluously to the point where onlookers completely disregard any LOL's originating from said person.
Dude- "Jesus man, that chick is such a lolwhore on MSN messenger"

Sweet- "I know, i can never tell when she actually thinks something is funny"
by Jesus C. Superstar September 05, 2007
1.Someone who insist on using lol in every sentence they type.

2.Someone using lol more than once in one sentence.
1.girl- How was your day? lol

boy- It was fine thanks.

girl- Really? How so? lol

boy- It was great until you became an lol whore.

2.boy1- Dude lol i like totally asked Jenny out just now lol.

boy2- That's great man, but i thing you might be an lol whore.
by YouraFatty September 01, 2008
the extreme overusage of the text lingo lol after every text that you send, or just the single use of lol in a text.
Amanda: I can't believe my boyfriend just cheated on me!!!
Christian: lol
Amanda: Your such an lolwhore!!
by dinosaursex March 31, 2009
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