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While on a forum/instant messenger, placing a statement between two of your own lols.
A lol sandwich in AIM

*BaBi*EaTzOR280*: I love eating babies, they're so tender
IAreTehLolrus: lol
IAreTehLolrus: i cut myself at night
IAreTehLolrus: lol

by Ben Allen September 02, 2005
using "laugh out loud" or lol at the beginning and end of a conversation
lol omg I can't believe she wore that to school lol

omg I just lol sandwiched, silly me.
by jlnm5228 July 13, 2008
A.K.A a lolwich
when instant messaging a person the sender says lol then says something that is funny(or something that they think is funny) then adds another lol before the reciver of the message can respond
AIM#1) lol
AIM#1) it tastes like chicken
AIM#1) lol
AIM#2) dude u just lol sandwiched me
by nathaniel plaza July 25, 2008
It's a sentence or phrase that begins with "lol" and ends with "lol." People who use lolsandwiches are normally above the age of 35 and tend to capitalize every letter in the sentence, and these sentences are normally followed with an unnecessary amount of exclamation points.
by Madden Schultz January 22, 2011
A variation of the word Lol. You get one slice of bread, another slice of bread, one huge chunk of LOL and you get a LOLsandwich
'I just walked into a door'
by Nipper69000 February 10, 2009
A process on instant messenging by which a person can say or admit terrible things to his interlocutor while avoiding an immediate reaction.
Todd says : Yeh that was a great party !
"beginning of Lol sandwich"
Todd says : lol
Todd says : Hey, you know i kissed your girlfriend that night !
Todd says : lol
"End of lol sandwich"
Fred says : Yeh ! lol
Fred says : What... ?
by Frank lowell November 03, 2008
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