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A person who, when chatting with text over the internet, will almose always respond to something with "lol". This person also doesn't think through what is being said.
Fred Says: Wow, tomorrow's social studies test is going to be queer
John Says: lol
Fred says: Hahah, this is a funny pic

(Imagine a link to a funny pic here)

Fred Says: lol
by star99ers January 08, 2005
an lol abuser is when people use lol too much on IM and sound like me.
person: wuts the hw??
me: lol i dunno
person: tell me!
me: lol i dunno wut it is!
person: wutever
me: lol

^ lol abuser!!!
by jb! December 13, 2005
Someone who uses lol not only too much in a conversation, but is most likely NOT laughing out loud at what was previously said. Not only is this person an abuser of an already retarded term, but they are a liar. Hit them.
Vladimir: I'm really confused with this hw.
Eric: lol
Vladimir: Why is that funny? I really am confused.
Eric: I'm not laughing lol
Vladimir: Why are you using lol then?
Eric: lol
Vladimir: You are a lol abuser and I loathe you, no lol. I will kill you dead.
by KanonDface October 10, 2008
someone who overuses the term lol util the point it has practically no meaning
person 1 : so this guy walks into a bar
person 2 : LOL!
P1 : Dude, shut the hell up
p2 : lol no
P1 : god your such a lol abuser
p2 : lol sure....
by brad morris July 29, 2006
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