The 40 year old wife of Peter Griffin from Family guy. She is a stay at home who also teaches piano lessons. she is often the target of death of the youngest member of the family Stewie Griffin. She aslo has two more children Chris Griffin and Meg Griffin.
for a 40 year old Lois Griffin has one fine ass body
by d'fo March 28, 2004
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Lois griffin is the mother of the Griffins, for the famous T.V. show, Family guy. It is safe to say that she is one of the most sexually appealing anime characters in history. Everything about her screams SEXY!! From her sexy seductive voice to her sexy perfect body she is the ultimate animated sex fantasy.
Person 1: Lois Griffin is really sexy!!
Person 2: I love her body!!
by urban12323 May 07, 2014
The ultimate cartoon MILF. I'm sorry, but she beats Marge.
I rubbed one out to Lois Griffin.
by Jason Spencer April 03, 2004
peter griffin's spouse in the comedy tv show family well as peter,she is in her early 40's.she is a stay at home mom,that has had occasional jobs.she has the southern new york/new jersey accent which sounds almost like fran dresher's accent,though alittle more mellow.tends to be quite attractive,even having brian,the family dog drooling over her.
my ex girlfriend's mom sounded exactly like lois griffin due to her accent.
by rofgneogeneogb October 18, 2008
Fran Drescher soundalike mother of the Griffin clan from the hilarious Fox TV series 'Family Guy'.
"I would do everything to her. I wouldn't care what she looked like, I would wreck that chick" - Brian talking about Lois Griffin.
by Whadduc Hunt January 09, 2007
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