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See lindsay lohan and anorexic.

1: Someone who is obsessed with lindsay lohan and tries to look like her, telling people she is a "healthy weight" or even fat while she is starving herself.
2: Someone who goes from normal, beautiful, healthy girl to an ugly, anorexic looking person. She makes other people feel like elephants when she calls herself fat.
Girl 1: Did you see Allie yesterday at the pool party?
Girl 2: Yeah totally her ribs were completely showing! And when she dove in, you could see all the bones in her back.
Girl 1: It's so sad! She used to be so pretty and healthy looking! God shes gotta gain a few. But she says FAT!!! Or if its not fat, it's a "healthy weight". I mean cmon get a grip! Does she know how we feel when she says shes fat? i guess we must be obese!
Girl 2: Yeah, shes a total lohorexic.
by milkncookies September 20, 2005
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