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estoy bien locochon!!!!
by astroglide king May 08, 2008
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1; a locochon is a dude or dudette (Locochona) who is extremely under the influence of any drug, being positive and keeping the party alive.
Locochon 101.

"man classic CULT is the king of locochones, watch him pound that 30 ouncer of bud ice, ohhh shit hes throwing up! jajajajajaja!" - ZeldAr

Party Rave Classic Cult Perculator 30 Oz Shrooms Xtc Chronic Hipster Raver Gangster Jock Prep Cracker Nigga Scene Emo Drunk Hobo Lindsey Lohan Paris Hilton Druggie Gamer Stoner
by Locochon Party Krew October 27, 2008
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