1 - When a computer system shuts down and stops operation, usualyl without the operator wanting it to happen.

2 - A protected program.

3 - A file that has been changed by the OS so that it cannot be changed or deleted; often very easy to unlock.

4 - A floppy disk which has been physically locked to prevent accidental alteration or to prevent stupid people from modifying the contents.
The system is locked.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
a term used by the irish to say yhey are very very very drunk!
"aww man i am sooo locked!!"
by 37man April 25, 2007
1) To have down packed
2) Perfection
3) To hold down
How did your performance go?
I had it locked.

For Girls:
I thought I seen your man last night.
Girl, i got him on lock, he dont go out any more.

For men:
How it go last night?
I got that pussy on lock!
by cier June 14, 2010
Rooted in the fictitious life of John Locke of the TV Show Lost, the word Locked means to do an action that may seem brash but is done with a hidden agenda. The action is normally threatening and destructive.
After their friend Todd threw a rock at Toby for seemingly no reason, Todd said he had his reasons. Thomas who saw it all said to Terry "Todd really Locked Toby."
by Chivalrybean February 23, 2008
Some one who has started dealing drugs and now wants to stop but feels locked into dealing.
John: i feel like i wanna get into the game but a lot of people tell me its a bad idea.

Dave: i was the same way. i got into it and now I'm "Locked"

John: locked?

Dave: yea once your in the game its hard to get out.
by TheGreatDm February 12, 2009
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