a living, breathing, membrane(member) that sometimes gets irritated, in other words, extended.
He calls it the loch ness monster.
by megida March 14, 2008
My Step-Dad and Step-Brother's Penis'.
The reason why the dinosaurs are extinct. see also:
Loch Ness Monster
The Great Wall of China
The Equator

Dillon:"what are you up to tonight?"
Me:"not getting eaten by your schlong"
by Zak Hill May 07, 2008
Loch Ness Monster is the alternate form of the FrankenMaggie This creature is so large it has a BD. Which scares most Men. The Loch Ness Monster is very scary and fat and ugly. Stand to close to a Loch Ness Monster and you might get butt fucked by it's cankles.
OMG. That Loch Ness Monster's Cankle just went up my ass.

Oh GOD! That Loch Ness Monster is actually FrankenMAGGIE!
by ASOBFAN June 29, 2004
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